EASYstudio Video Live Portable & NDI PTZ cameras kit

EASYstudio Video Live Portable & NDI PTZ cameras kit

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This version of EASYstudio Video Live Portable offers a kit of three NDI PTZ cameras with a remote controller.
This version is perfect for covering of sporting events, shows, political debates and reportage, but also for web TV.
Adding a kit of wireless microphones is available as an option.

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EASYstudio Video Live Portable is available with an optimized solution for covering events or on-set TV shows with a minimum of human resource.
Controlling the NDI PTZ HD cameras from the dedicated keyboard controllerenables a single operator to manage the whole production (mixing, recording, playout) while he manages the "Pan & Tilt Zoom" functions at the same time.


Like all other EasyStudio systems, it is upgradable and can be supplemented by other devices or packages such as solutions for wireless miking.

The powerful Vmix software integrated to the system offers in addition to the 4 physical inputs mixing, a multitude of possibilities to create virtual inputs (see Vmix description hereinafter).

This compact studio is easy to transport and is designed for Live production and multi-camera recording. It is perfect to cover one-time shows or outdoor events as only one operator can manage it.

Its compact and versatile design also fits perfectly to the needs of web TV.

Mainly designed for Live it offers the ability to display real-time contents from social networks. (ex .: viewers comments from Twitter)

With a very good quality price value, it has nothing to envy to other competing solutions.

An upgrade for the pro version of Vmix offers the multi-camera recording interface: Vmix Replay.
Its functions allow you to record 4 channels and replay in slow motion, perfect for multi-camera recording and coverage of sporting events and concerts.


An infinite mixing ability!

All your inputs in one place
entrées video

  • Video Cameras - 4K, HD and SD capable. Support for DeckLink, Intensity Pro, Webcams and more.
    Video Files - Support for all popular formats including AVI, MP4, H264, MPEG-2, WMV and QuickTime
    DVDs - With menu navigation
    Audio Files - MP3 and WAV
    Audio Devices - Mix multiple audio sources such as SoundCards and DeckLink Audio
    Video and Audio PlayLists - Combine multiple video and/or audio files into a single Input
    RTSP, PowerPoint, Photos, Flash, RTMP, Solid Colour and more.

13 Transition Effects

transitions video

Cut, Fade, Zoom, Wipe, Slide, Fly, CrossZoom, FlyRotate, Cube, CubeZoom, Vertical Wipe, Vertical Slide and Merge transitions available with 4 customisable transition buttons for easy access to your favourite effects.

Simultaneous Streaming, Recording, and Output
enregistrement video

  • Live stream to your favourite streaming providers including UStream, YouTube and Twitch.
    Live Record in full HD to AVI, MP4, MPEG-2 or WMV
    Output via DeckLink capable cards to professional recording decks and monitors
    Virtual Capture support for streaming to 3rd party software such as Skype, Google Hangout and VLC.

HD Virtual Sets with high quality real-time Chroma Key

Studio Virtuel

4 Built In Virtual Sets - Or build your own
Full Motion Zoom - Customisable camera position presets
High Quality Chroma Key - Use with or without virtual sets to suit your production needs

PC and Mac Desktop Sources

Studio Virtuel

Utilise screen capture from remote desktops running on your network. Great for PowerPoint and Skype.

Audio Capture support for Skype and other videoconferencing software is available under Windows 7

Built-In Title Templates

Générateur Graphique

Easily add and edit a Title or ScoreBoard from the many built in templates or build your own using any Graphics or Vector editing software.

Adjust Text, Font Size and Colour and Real-Time with instant updates.

Video Delay / Instant Replay
Délais video

Create a Video Delay input and assign it to any available Camera or Output

Save multiple Video Clips of notable events for playback at a later time

Configurable slow motion playback from 5 to 400%


Built-in audio mixer

Audio Mixer allows you to easily keep track of all audio sources and includes the ability to Mute, Follow (Auto Mixing) and Delay any source.

A VU Meter is also included with a peaking display to ensure each inputs level is broadcast ready.


Live Video Effects
Effets video

Colour Correct, Deinterlace, Sharpen, Zoom, Rotate, Pan and Crop any input in real time.

All effects are processed in 4:4:4 32bit colour space for optimal video quality.


Multi View
Mult view

Combine multiple inputs together using the different "Multi View" presets or customise the position of each element with the available Zoom, Pan, Rotate and Crop controls.

4 Overlay Channels

Effets video

vMix includes 4 Overlay Channels in addition to the Multi View feature. Each overlay channel can have its own transition effect, position and border.

Touch Screen Web Interface

Effets video

Control vMix remotely using the vMix Web Controller on your Surface, iPad, Android or other touch screen device using the built in web interface.

Customisable shortcut buttons can also be created to activate common production scenarios.


Integrate Twitter, Facebook and IRC social media content directly into your Live Production.

Select Social Media content with any web browser

Social Media

View a live Twitter feed based on Search, Home Timeline, User Timeline or Favorites, view Facebook comments or view messages from any IRC chatroom.
Content can be viewed and approved via any web browser including Tablets and Smart Phones

Use the included Social Title templates or design your own


Each template allows you to display content such as Name, Message and Photo.
vMix also includes a Title Designer to design your own.

Profile Images and Photos supported

Photo profil

Title templates include support for Profile Images and Photos from either Twitter or Facebook.

Aggregate content

Aggregate content from multiple sources including IRC.

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