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  • Dynamic Microphone

    Dynamic microphone, for stage, speech, vocals and DJ applications. Cardiod...

    66,00 €

  • Microphone Desk Stand

    Desktop microphone stand Robust version of high stability Shock-absorbing Easily...

    18,00 €

  • Electret microphone ECM-170

    Condenser microphone with large diaphragm, for professional studio applications.  

    135,00 €

  • Pop-killer screen for studio microphone

    Microphone WindscreenMicrophone windshield, for studio applications.Fabric...

    33,75 €

  • Microphone desk arm

    Microphone desk arm with 3/8" thread. Suitable for studios and multi-media...

    169,00 €

  • Dynamic microphone Beyerdynamic TGV35ds

    This reliable and rugged model is a dynamic vocal microphone. Its natural sound that is...

    46,00 €

  • Microphone solid table stand

    Sturdy and adjustable table microphone stand.Reliable and economical, it is ideal for...

    43,00 €

  • Popkiller K&M

    For stands with diameter of up to 30 mm. Double nylon screen for superior performance....

    25,00 €

  • EASY Mojo Kit

    Smartphone video solution for journalists, Youtubers and web videographers.Complete kit...

    1 795,00 €