SIMbox converter module to fixed line and SMS management

SIMbox converter module to fixed line and SMS management

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Simbox conversion module for receiving and sending calls from GSM networks to a fixed line (RJ11 connector).
Perfect to install in your studio for a connection to a telephone hybrid.
This module connected to a computer offers a client/server interface for SMS management. (lile an email client interface)

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  • --- no SMS management ---
  • + lic. SMS gate software and adapt. + cable

220,00 € tax excl.

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  • Perfect for coupling with an hybrid telephone
  • Just insert a SIM card and the device is functional.
  • To send and receive SMS from PC (RS232)
  • Displaying the caller CLIP on the fixed station
  • Send and receive Fax through PC
  • Input SMS Alarm
  • Interesting use of a "DUO" SIM card,
  • Packet data transmission GPRS class 10 (up to 85.6 kbps)
  • PC-fax data transmission(CSD up to 14.4 kbps)
  • Sending and receiving SMS
  • PC Fax (sending fax using Fax PC software - such as Winfax, Winfax, etc ...)
  • Complete documentation of AT commands on the Installation CD
  • Compatible with SmsGate Pro (Multi software for sending and receiving SMS).

GSM network type

GSM 900MHz phase II + GSM 1800 = GSM 1900 MHz

SIM card

plug-in 3 V

Transmitter power

2 W

Receiver sensitivity

-105 dBm



900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz


50 ohms



Antenna connector type

SMA (female)

Cable length

3 to 10 m or without cable


230V AC, tolerance:

230 V± 10%, 50 or 60 Hz

Power consumption

12VDC >> standby 70mA - call 200mA

Mains connector

Power adapter 230VACV 12VDC

Lithium battery type


Back-up battery
   (for models with back-up only)

Lead, maintenance-free, 12V / 1,2Ah

Tel. line interface - model for PBX external line

Interface type

2-wire, FXS

Connector type

RJ-11, 6/2

Off-hook AC impedance

600 Ohms

On-hook line voltage

24 V DC

Off-hook line current

Max. 40 mA

Line loop resistance

Max. 800 Ohms

Dialing tone frequency

425 Hz

Dialing type

Tone (DTMF) or pulse

Ringing voltage

42 VRMS, 50/25 Hz

Calling line identification - FSK

CLI during ring according to ETSI FSK

Surge current

2 x 250 A (8 to 20 µs)

Serial Interface

Interface type



D-Sub 9, female

Interface data rate

19200 à 115200 bit/sec autobauding

Remote Supervision

Inputs - level "0"

Max. 1Kohm (+ 0.8V DC)

Inputs - level "1"

Min. 25Kohm (+ 2,1V DC)

Inputs - maximal voltage

Max. +/- 12V


Dimensions (w/o connectors)

170 x 130 x 45 mm

Operating temperature

0° C to 45°

SMS management, sending and receiving messages through client/server interface (serial/USB adapter + 3m USB extender)

SMS Gate Pro

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